What is eMTeeBlack Box 1DMT?

Currently it is an interactive 1D MT modelling package. Load in field data, interactively model a response and export your geo-electrical model, synthetic data or modeled curves as an image.

This software was born from the 2014 Geophysics Hackathon in Denver, Colorado. Shortly after the event it was fixed and expanded on and used for teaching purposes. This is now revamped and is more robust than ever!

A screengrab of the eMTeeBlackBox 1DMT software package.

A screengrab of the eMTeeBlackBox 1DMT software package.


Features for v1.00 BETA

  • Load field MT data
  • Interactively model 1D MT response
  • Display apparent resistivity, phase and impedance curves
  • Add-Remove Layers
  • Export data to CSV and PNG
  • Export geo-electrical model to CSV and PNG
  • Auto load CSV file to default editor
  • Save and load your geo-electrical model
  • Change units between (m <-> ft) (Ohm m <-> S/m <->mS/m)
  • Plotting options
  • Custom number and range of modeled frequencies

Manual (To Come)

For now it is pretty easy to use. Just play around with the sliders. You will quickly get the gist of how to use the program.