Hi all. As you might all know the code hasn't been publically available on any proper server.

As per the GPL v3.0 license the source code is officially public. You may do as you like with it. Modify it or use it. That is now up to you. Just keep in mind if you do modify it (or incorporate a single line into you program), the program will still retain the GPL license

For the time being, I have uploaded it to an assembla SVN service.  This located may change (maybe to sourceforge.... maybe to a private SVN server.... I will decide on this later).

You can use Turtoise SVN client to download the source code.

The code isn't in the best state. It works, version 1.4 is more stable than Omnium beta. The code is largely uncommented and it's structure is too messy for my liking, this will improve. There are two different code bases. The CSEMoMatic standard (located in trunk) and the Omnium package (located in OpenWaters project). The download size is LARGE since there is quite alot of overlap between both the CSEMoMatic and Omnium so be be patient when downloading.

The SVN address is listed below,


Thanks all. If you need help understanding the code or compilation I am happy to help. Just send me an email.