I really like this map as it highlights the different regions using CSEM and to what extent.

Not too many suprises but you can see high activity areas of:
San Diego correlating to Scripps
Norway and Germany correlating with EMGS and Fugro
Perth correlating with Me and Curtin University/others who've i spruked my software to

A few worthy notes:

A heap of activity in China and SE Asia
Seems like Nigeria is the hot spot of CSEM for Africa
Would have expected activity from Russia and Canada, but hey, can't complain.

Thanks for everyones support!


I have created a heat map for my PhD thesis from in excess of 2000 geolocated addresses to this website. Red is highly visited and light blue represents regions with less than 10 visitors. The distribution of countries correlates with the countries practicing MCSEM. (Click to Enlarge)