Digital Earth Lab is a page dedicated to earth science (but primarily geophysics). I will attempt to add a content monthly, I hope to have have new or modify tutorials every two months and have opinion pieces every other month.

Sitting in the back of the class in year 3 we were asked "What did you  want to be when you grow up?". To that I quickly responded meteorologist. Some 20 years later I realized that I was pretty stubborn and never really wanted to deviate from being an earth scientist. The only difference was that instead of looking up, I looked down to earth (perhaps a metaphor for growing up). I also believe that it proves the saying "Give me the child until he is seven and I'll give you the man" -St. Francis Xavier.

Today I am a geophysical researcher at Curtin University by day and a boutique earth science software developer by night. I also like to draw. If you wish to be my friend please use one of the methods to find more about me.

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