This content was originally found on was a portal to a free, lightweight,interactive Marine CSEM modelling software. The software was been built upon Kerry Key's Dipole1D (website) and AMIRA's Marco 3D IE algorithm. Special thanks to Kerry Key for his great algorithm and Fugro and Curtin University for sponsoring this project.

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 Some screenshots from the latest CSEMoMatic Omnium Edition

CSEMoMatic Omnium

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My final electromagnetic software version is called CSEMoMatic - Omnium. The Latin word ‘Omnium’ was chosen because it roughly translates in English to “for all”. The CSEMoMatic software has publically integrated Dipole1D (Key, 2009a) and AMIRA’s 3D Integral Equation Marco (Xiong, 1992) algorithms. A number of proprietary algorithms have been developed and integrated into a proprietary versions including Hursan and Zhdanov (2002) 3D integral equation algorithm INTEM3D, a quasi-analytical inversion algorithm QAINV (Zhdanov et al., 2000) and a 2.5D irregular finite difference modelling Otze (Scholl and Sinkevich, 2012). Considerable work has been placed into CSEMoMatic. Overall approximately 100,000 lines of Java code have been written by myself for all the versions of CSEMoMatic.


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Xiong, Z. (1992). Electromagnetic modeling of 3d structures by the method of system iteration using integral equations. Geophysics 57 (12), 1556–1561.
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Understanding Electromagnetic Field Behaviour

Understanding Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic Field Propogation

In reality, electromagnetic field propagation is extremely complex. Everything in the earth influences the recorded electromagnetic response, from the highly resistive air to the most seemingly insignificant conductive brine filled sandstone unit. Everybody has a preferred method to understanding electromagnetic field behaviour. It could be mathematically, rules of thumb or with static field lines. I like the idea of streamlines as they are able to visualise simulated electric, magnetic and Poynting vector field lines in time. Each to their own.


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SVN Access

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