GeoWiz - eMTEEBlackBox v1.01

GeoWiz - eMTEEBlackBox v1.0 : Open Source 1D MT Modelling software

So it's almost been a year since the Geophysics Hackathon run by Agile* Geoscience... I though I might expand on what impact the software our team has made since last October (2014). After making the 1D MT forward modelling software it undoubtedly had many bugs and was poorly constructed, but the idea and a bulk of the code was still pretty good considering the circumstances.

I will release the code after I fix up a few of the remaining bugs. I haven't asked them yet, but I also hope that MTnet can link to the software and help with integrating a few of the algorithms they think will be useful.
New Features
Many of the major bugs and have been fixed and the software expanded

At the conference we had several features:

Load ASCII MT data
Interactively forward model a 1D MT response
Display results

It has since gotten a bit of a polish:

Data export
PNG Export
Data Clearing
Plotting options
Unit conversion (m <-> ft) (mS/m<->S/m <-> Ohm.m) (Hz<->S)
Forward modelling algorithm selection (not just the awesome Java code written by Colton Kohnke) but the Python code written on Digital Earth Lab as well
Full JavaFX compatibility
Impedance Plotting
OSX/Win64 Compatibility

Soon to come:

A faster 1D MT Algorithm (written in c)
1D MT Inversion (Python algorithm complete not integrated)
Migration to Android and iOS via FXPorts
Impedance plotting (Yeah, why wasn't this a default option?)

How it has been used?

The best thing about this software is that it has become an invaluable learning tool. It is really easy to use, so easy in fact that the software is now integrated as part the Advanced Electromagnetic and Potential Field Methods in Geophysics 433 unit at Curtin University, soon to be integrated at 3rd year [...]

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Hackathon 2014 Denver Colorado

*Image accredited to Agile Geoscience

The premier geophysical programming event, AKA Geophysics Hackathon 2014 has concluded over an action packed weekend (Just prior to the 2014 SEG conference in Denver). First of all I would like to thank the team down at Agile Geoscience (Matt, Evan and Ben) for setting up such an awesome event, it's the first of its kind I have attended and if I can help it, not the last.

The weekend began bright an early at 8am on Saturday and after meeting with the rest of the "hackers" I realised I wasn't alone in the programming realm. There were OTHERS! It was amazing to see a diverse range of brilliant scientists in such a small place. I was privileged to be aligned with four other great individuals from NEOS and Colorado School of Mines, Josh Poirier, Colton Kohnke, Katerina Gonzales and Elijah Thomas. Our project was originally a "1D MT and Gravity Inversion Android App" however other ideas thrown around were,

The Web lazy LAS Viewer and Modeller
Online Geophysical Feasibility modeller
EM Cloud API

After a round of voting with a close 3-4-3-0 split, the MT App was our winner and even better our team "Geophys Wiz" was born. Like many young people we were very idealistic and ambitious. We had a plan.

Build a 1D MT viewer in android
Integrate 1D magnetotelluric forward modelling
Build upon the forward modelling and enable users to invert their data (soooo close)

Integrate gravity inversion to determine depth to basement

A simple 4 step plan. Yes. The problem. No experience with Android, two days to learn it and somehow produce a working 1D inversion mobile phone app behemoth. We were on track, after day one we essentially had an APK which could load in [...]

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